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Topit Launches In Ghana


Topit is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for Ghanaians to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency in Ghana Cedi.


Hello, Ghana. Topit Is Here!    

Topit was launched in April 2021 by Emmanuel and Vincent with one mission in mind -  To make it easy for Africans to securely buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin,     

The African crypto community has seen a 1200% growth since crypto hit its all-time high in 2017. More and more Africans are joining the crypto trade, and Ghanaians are not left behind in the trend. An estimated 900 000 Ghanaians are already trading and investing in Cryptocurrencies. For a country of 37 million people, that’s about 3.01% and counting.     

However, the surge in the number of Africa crypto traders has also created the need for a seamless and efficient crypto exchange to ease crypto transactions. This is where Topit comes into play.     

Topit has created a solid presence in five African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and Rwanda. Now, we have taken the giant stride to launch Topit in Ghana.     

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Topit?    

This new launch means a lot to our mission at Topit. Ghanaians can now seamlessly and instantly buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies in Ghana Cedis.     

We are expanding our reach in Africa by making it easy for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their local currencies without going through foreign exchange.     

But that’s not all; below are other benefits you can enjoy with Topit.     


  • Easily connect and move money from your mobile money or traditional banks without hassles.     
  • Deposit crypto for free, and withdraw at very cheap rates.     
  • Enjoy 24/7 availability and instant deposits and withdrawals.    

In addition, Topit also provides an  OTC Desk to offer high net worth individuals and institutions the ability to trade off the normal Topit Exchange.     

Benefits of Topit OTC Desk    

  • Highly confidential, One-on-one service    
  • Premium pricing - zero fees    
  • 24/7 Access,    
  • Support for over 7 African currencies, including Naira, Kes, GHC, Zar, UGX, Rand, etc.     
  • Support for five cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BUSD, DAX, USDC, and DIA.    

How Safe Is Topit?    

We know that users are most concerned about the safety and security of their finances, especially when it comes to fintech solutions like these.     

However, you can trust that Topit has checked all the boxes to make your transactions safe and secure.     

Topit provides a solid exchange platform backed with high-tech security and encryption to safeguard your details, crypto, and fiat values. We do not store your login details, and your wallet is highly secure with multiple-factor authentication.     

We have also made it easy for users to sign up and start using the platform in 3 easy steps.     

How To Buy And Sell Crypto in Ghana With Topit    

  1. Visit  www. topit.Africa  to sign up and register on our platform.    
  2. Upload the required KYC documents to get verified.    
  3. Trade or invest in crypto without hassles.     

Now you can buy, sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Ghana Cedis as hassle-free as ever!    




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